Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Radio Silence

I am going to apologise in advance for the forthcoming silence on my part over the next few weeks, and also for the last couple of weeks. I have been trying to rent out the flat in Paris, try looking for some pocket money through journals work, and I have faced days of frustration as well as evenings of obliteration trying to get things organised. Well you would, wouldn't you? At this point, I would not recommend heavy drinking when a small American journal in a moderate state, wants you to write a few lines on 'local brew' and you feel like there is a grit (or similar) taste in your mouth the morning after as you stare bleakly at the laptop trying to describe the thing you love the most. Ouch my liver!

So in this spirit, thank God it is Shrove Tuesday and the start of the Lenten period. I am going to contradict the words of Alistair Campbell during an interview between the BBC(?) and Tony Blair, I " don't do God!" Well actually, as the good Catholic boy my parents brought me up to be, I do, and give up (every year) alcohol as part of my spiritual as well as physical detox.

I will write again after Easter Sunday (unless I find some notes from a previous tasting to fill the radio silence).

Enjoy the break, and for those of a similar mindset or faith as me, Good Lent.


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